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Mariteam Results 2014

Mariteam Results 2014

Results for 14th July, 2014

Here are some photos from the event:

Results for 23rd June, 2014

Helm Crew Company R1 R2 R3 Points Position
Duncan Tanner Adrian Scales Brookes Bell 2 1 1 2 1
Bob Grainger Bryn Thomas Thomas Miller 1 2 3 3 2
Guy Main Amanda Hastings HFW 3 3 2 5 3
Daniel Jepson Janine Foster Reed Smith 4 4 4 8 4

On arrival at the sailing club we were greeted with typical Docklands conditions, i.e. not an excess of wind. Four boats were rigged by teams from Brookes Bell, Reed Smith, Thomas Miller and HFW.

As the boats drifted towards the start line, there was a last minute change of course as the wind swung through 180 degrees, so the windward mark became the leeward mark etc.

There was a close start to the first race, but by the time the windward mark was reached, the Thomas Miller boat had a small lead over the Brookes Bell, which was maintained until the finish. The following two boats arrived at the windward mark a few minutes later to find it in the middle of a large wind hole and suffered a frustrating time completing the course.

The second race had slightly more breeze, or should that be slightly less calm, and the windward mark was moved to a less sheltered position. At the windward mark the order was Brookes Bell, Thomas Miller, HFW and Reed Smith. These positions were maintained to the finish, although Thomas Miller were always in the hunt and threatening to pass Brookes Bell.

The third race had a particularly calm and frustrating first leg for all concerned. Brookes Bell made a good start, but by the time the windward mark was reached, the wind hole had found it and the rest of the fleet were only a boat length behind. The reach down to the wing mark became a run, then a beat, then a run. After gybing for the leeward mark, a nice little breeze sprung up, but from the other direction, so the boats were now tacking towards the leeward mark. Brookes Bell were round first and set off on a reach to the finish line, but Thomas Miller were close behind, and going faster. It was a sprint to the line, but out the blue, the HFW boat appeared, with significantly more boat speed than the two leaders. It was the closest finish I can remember for Maritime Sailing with half a boat length separating the first three boats. The race officer had to be asked the positions as it wasn’t clear to those racing. The result being, Brookes Bell, HFW, Thomas Miller, Reed Smith.

On the sail back to the club house, a real wind appeared and we could actually sail with a bow wave and had to move to balance the boat. Annoyingly, this real wind was accompanied by dark clouds and real rain. No rain in the bar and the sandwiches were good.

In summary, a great evening, and a shame there were not more people on the water.

Results for 9th June, 2014

5 Teams attended Maritime Sailing on 9th June; HFW, Brittania, Thomas Miller, Winter Scott and Brookes Bell.

The weather had been warm during the day, but as rigging took place a few spots of rain appeared. As the boats made their way to the start, the wind was very light and extremely “variable” in direction. The first race was a slow frustrating affair. At the start of the second race, a light breeze sprung up, and bought some rain with it. The breeze remained until the end of the fourth race, although by then the rain had stopped.

Guy Main from HFW dominated the results, coming second in the first race and then winning the remaining three. Tim Fuller (Brittania) and Bob Granger (Thomas Miller) diced closely for second throughout the evening, finishing on equal points, with the Brittania boat being one point ahead if each discarded their worst result.

Results for 12th May, 2014

Helm Crew Company R1 R2 R3 Points Position
Guy Main Felicity Burling HFW 2 1 1 3 1
Alistair Roaf Andrew Powell Bentley Stokes 1 2 3 3 2
Tim Fuller Andy Birch Britannia 3 3 2 5 3
Roger Daniells Alan Smaridge Brookes Bell 4 4 5 9 4
Graeme Bowles David Moore Brookes Bell 5 5 4 9 5
Denise Dellow Sophie Seeley Britannia 6 6 6 12 6
Paul Haworth Isabelle Ireland Winter Scott Rtd. Rtd. Rtd.    

The second evening’s racing of the Mariteam Spring series was unusually eventful. As crews prepared the boats, the skies over Docklands darkened as thunder clouds gathered to the north and lighting strikes lit up the evening sky. There was some debate whether the racing should be delayed, however as the rain storms drifted to the south, seven intrepid crews took the water in light airs. Oh to be lulled into a false sense of security!

The boats made their way to the start line, with everybody trying to work out the best end to start in the fluky winds. With the three minutes gone, we were off and then it happened – the light winds transformed into a tempest, with everybody fighting for survival, boats on their sides, and helms spilling wind, and some doing passable impressions of submarines. Six boats managed to round the windward mark and do the run to the leeward mark rocking and rolling along the way, some boats probably not fully under control. On rounding the leeward mark, the six boats beat back to the finish line – all grateful to hear the whistle when the line was crossed.

The second race was a more sedate affair, albeit a lot wetter. The thunderstorms were replaced with rain showers and lighter winds. As the race progressed the winds abated further and towards the end of the race it was a test of helms and crews light weather skills with some boats faring better than others.

The final race was held in very light airs, by this time it was more of a drifting competition, and with the prospect of a beer awaiting, the race was shortened. Whilst Guy Main of HFW appears to the force to beat this year, the racing was generally close, with positions being swapped as the race was underway. Once all were safely ashore, we proceeded to the bar to recount the trials of the evening. It was nice to see more participants this week and some new faces.

The next evening of the series will be held on 9th June, and we look forward to welcoming you gain, hopefully with even more teams.

Results for 28th April, 2014

Helm Crew Company R1 R2 R3 Points Position
Guy Main Laura Wright HFW 1 1 1 2 1
Dom Ed Hickes Hill Dickinson 2 2 2 4 2
Roger Daniells Alan Smaridge Brookes Bell 3 3 3 6 3
Paul Haworth Helen Sironneau Winter Scott Rtd 4 4 8 4

Despite the best efforts of TfL (Transport for London) a few intrepid souls arrived at Docklands Sailing Centre, London for the first races of the annual Brookes Bell Mariteam Spring series 2014 sailing event.

Participants were gifted with a glorious sunny evening and, believe it or not, relatively steady easterly winds of about 10 knots. With the sun setting to the west – perfect sailing weather! The first two race courses were “triangle and sausage” and the last, with dust approaching, a triangle course. With Guy Main being the most experienced helm, he showed everyone else the way, although it was by no means a “walk over” with both the Hill Dicks and Brookes Bell boats hot on his heels for the first two races. On the third race, he picked up a very fluky wind shift and put some distance between the chasing pack.

Winter Scott were the novice team and it was nice to see them participate. Once Paul had discovered what the centre plate was for, he managed to head in the right direction! Over the customary drink and sandwiches (which were quite tasty!), all declared that it was a very enjoyable evenings sail.

The next evening of this series will be held on 12th May, and assuming that there is not a tube strike, hopefully more teams will attend.