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Alan Smaridge

Alan Smaridge

Alan Smaridge

Partner, Fuel Chemist

based in London

Direct Tel: +44 7515 596488
Office Tel: +44 208 300 0190
Email: alan.smaridge@brookesbell.com
Qualifications: BSc, CChem, MRSC


About Alan

Alan Smaridge is a chemistry graduate and a Chartered Chemist. Alan worked initially as an analytical development chemist for a cosmetics & soap manufacturer before switching to the petroleum industry in 1982. He started out in this field as a laboratory chemist for an oil inspection company, analysing an extensive range of petroleum products and chemicals, later becoming a chemist inspector, gaining a wide knowledge of sampling, inspection and measurement procedures both in the U.K. and overseas.

Alan worked as an independent chemist surveyor & consultant for more than 20 years before joining Brookes Bell as a partner in 2009 where he continues to apply his experience to disputes involving a diverse range of commodities carried by road, rail and sea, including crude oil, numerous petroleum products and petrochemicals through to sophisticated pharmaceuticals.

Alan has set-up and participated in numerous joint analysis investigations and is experienced in conducting field surveys aboard tankers, at refineries and storage installations worldwide. He has particular experience of bunker quality disputes and the chemistry of bunker fuel, and has served on several Institute of Petroleum technical panels.

Alan is an experienced expert witness and has prepared many reports and technical papers for use in arbitrations and High Court proceedings.

Particular Scientific and Consultancy Expertise
  • Investigation of quality and quantity disputes involving petroleum products and petrochemicals.
  • Investigative surveys on vessels, at shore installations and refineries on a worldwide basis, on behalf of cargo underwriters, P&I Clubs, oil companies, oil traders and shipowners.
  • Testimony at arbitration and litigation proceedings.
  • B.Sc. Joint Hons. in Applied Science, University of Wales Institute of Science & Technology, Cardiff. Main subjects Pure & Applied Chemistry.
Membership of Professional Bodies
  • Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (since 1981)
  • Chartered Chemist Status (MRSC CCHEM)
Professional Appointments

Served on the following Institute of Petroleum test method standardisation committees:-

  • ST-B-4 Panel on flammability.
  • ST-B-10 Panel on general tests (fuels & light distillates).

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