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John Gibson

John Gibson

John Gibson

Partner, Marine Engineer

based in Singapore

Direct Tel: +65 966 11179
Office Tel: +65 6539 0540
Email: john.gibson@brookesbell.com
Qualifications: MEng, BEng (Hons), CEng, FIMarEST, MIFireE, MCMS


About John

John Gibson was at sea for twenty years before joining the Group in 1996. Achieving the rank of Senior Second Engineer, today he is a Chartered Engineer. Since 2001 John has been a partner at Brookes Bell.

An expert in his field, John uses his extensive surveying experience to provide comprehensive assessments of –

  • Hull, machinery and shore installations damage
  • Ship stability
  • Structural failure
  • LNG & LPG vessels – including containment, pumping, re-activation, lay-up dry docking, gas trials, failures & disputes

John’s past experience included vetting ships for oil majors, and the knowledge he gained in that area continues to serve Brookes Bell well as he provides condition surveys for –

  • Tankers
  • Gas vessels
  • Chemical vessels
A respected Chartered Engineer

The type of investigations John conducts are as diverse as they are thorough. Providing technical evidence for court proceedings and arbitration John has assessed –

  • Cargo contamination
  • Engine damage failure
  • Engine room fires
  • High speed ferries
  • Reefer plant failure
  • Stability
  • Wreck removal and salvage

Exploring the reasons and establishing responsibility for damage, John provides authoritative reports and evidence regarding -

  • Collisions - damage assessment and speed / angle of blow
  • Damage to harbour installations
  • Groundings
  • Strandings
  • Towing disputes

Helping with contractual disputes at the earliest stage, reducing the risk of protracted negotiations and court proceedings, John offers his considered opinion to resolve -

  • New building disputes
  • Sale and purchase MOA disputes

As a member of the Institution of Fire Engineers John reports on fatal and non fatal fires.

  • Chartered Engineer with a Combined First Class Certificate of Competency
  • M.Eng with Distinction in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • B.Eng (Hons) degree (first class) in Mechanical and Marine Engineering
Professional Status and Membership of Professional Bodies
  • Chartered Engineer.
  • Member of the European Federation of National Engineering Associations.
  • Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology.
  • Member of the Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors.
  • Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers.

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