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John Third

John Third

John Third

Consultant, Master Mariner

based in London

Direct Tel: +44 7798 690537
Office Tel: +44 20 8300 0190
Email: john.third@brookesbell.com
Qualifications: Extra Master Mariner


John Third has an Extra Master Mariner's Certificate. He joined Brookes Bell in 1981, and in 1982 and 1983 was staff surveyor, and then resident partner, with Brookes Bell, Marine Consultants, Hong Kong. He was a partner from 1984 to 2010, and is now a Consultant.

His main specialist activity concerns navigation and seamanship, including ship-handling. He has conducted detailed investigations of casualties, including groundings both off-shore and in pilotage waters, port and berth safety, collisions between ships and between ships and off-shore structures. Investigations in this field of marine activity include salvage and refloating.

His second specialist activity is the investigation of major container stowage collapses and a range of cargo securing system failures, including very large packaged timber deck stowage systems. He conducted loss prevention investigations for underwriters at Lloyd's.

He has extensive survey experience with general commodities, refrigerated, timber, steel, dry bulk including grain, liquid bulk, hazardous and heavy-lift cargoes on a worldwide basis. He has undertaken hull structural surveys afloat and in drydock, surveys of collisions and damages, damages caused by missile attacks, and has prepared repair specifications for both minor and major works. He has investigated the loss of ships without trace.

He has attended special training courses in bridge organisation and teamwork and advanced pilotage. He attends ship simulator training on a regular basis.

He has prepared technical reports for, and has given expert witness testimony at, variously, arbitrations in the United Kingdom and the United States, the Commercial and Criminal Court in the United Kingdom, the Federal Court in the United States, the Supreme Court in Hong Kong, the Supreme Court in Singapore and at a Seeamt Enquiry in Germany.

Before becoming a marine surveyor, John Third was at sea over a fourteen-year period, serving on passenger and cargo liners, general cargo and refrigerated vessels, bulk carriers and off-shore diving and support ships, in all ranks from cadet to master. Immediately before joining Brookes Bell, he was project manager for a dynamically-positioned off-shore diving and support vessel.

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