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Joseph Hume

Joseph Hume

Joseph Hume


based in Singapore

Direct Tel: +65 9823 5717
Office Tel: +65 6539 0540
Email: joseph.hume@brookesbell.com
Qualifications: HNC, ONC


About Joseph

Joseph started within the field of metallurgy working as a mechanical testing technician for Plant Safety Limited in 1988.

Previous Experience
  • Supervising commercial mechanical testing laboratories
  • Forensic failure investigations, primarily providing materials support to the power generation and oil and gas sectors.
  • On-site and laboratory-based failure investigations
  • Site-based NDE condition assessments
  • Quality control in terms of material supply.
  • Materials lead into the study of the impact of Low Plasticity Burnishing on aero foil blades.
  • Frontline metallurgy/materials support in terms of welding engineering, forging activities, material supply and coating applications.
  • Material and corrosion mitigation studies for onshore & offshore assets for sour extraction in the Arabian Gulf.
  • Weld Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR) review and approval
  • General quality control in terms of material supply into MPP.
Nature of Work Undertaken
  • Material selection strategies and corrosion mitigation studies for on onshore & offshore assets for sour extraction in the Arabian Gulf.
  • Review and approval of Weld Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR) documentation and material specifications (in-house).
  • Supervising QA/QC activities relating to material supply, coating application and welding activities relating to new build and repair.
  • Review of vendor forging activities, quality auditing and general supply.
  • Metallurgical support to loss adjusters after plant failures.
  • Implementation of Risk Based Inspections (RBI) strategies for inspection campaigns.
  • Materials lead for the introduction of Low Plasticity Burnishing (LPB) onto Aerospace Blades.
  • Failure investigation into OTC Dissimilar Metal Weld (DMW) failure on GT 26 Gas Turbine from Combined Cycle Power Station.
  • Component failure; materials and chemical analysis.
  • Material support into safety case reviews and devised repair strategies for 'creep' damaged plant.
  • Metallurgical support during power station outages through on-site investigations and remnant life assessments on high temperature pressure parts
Education Qualifications
  • Open University; Material Engineering/Engineering the Future
  • Bell College of Technology; H.N.C. in Metallurgy
  • Clydebank Technical College; O.N.C. in Laboratory Techniques

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