Mihhail Teor

Mihhail Teor

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Mihhail Teor

Marine Engineer

based in Sidcup

Direct Tel: +44 7471 994 436
Office Tel: +44 20 8300 0190
Email: mihhail.teor@brookesbell.com


Mihhail Teor joined Brookes Bell in February 2019 and is a Marine Engineer with seagoing, technical superintendency and consultancy experience. He has strong proficiency in various marine power and propulsion systems, dynamic positioning systems and vessel operations.

His previous consultancy and surveying experience includes Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) of dynamic positioning (DP) systems (producing programmes and DP FMEA/annual trials of offshore vessels for example), leading common marine inspections (IMCA CMID) and carrying out suitability surveys.

Mihhail has served on Ro-Ro passenger ferries, superyachts, offshore, LPG and LNG tankers, bulk, general cargo, heavy freight and container vessels in junior to senior engineer ranks, including Chief Engineer. Mihhail has also served as Chief Engineer on superyachts.

His shore-based experience includes maintaining operational condition, class and flag standards for a fleet of five DP-2 offshore vessels as technical superintendent (including newbuilt disputes, sea trials, preparing dry dock specifications, witnessing factory and customer acceptance tests, conducting ISM internal audits, budgeting, purchasing and mobilising services for emergency repairs).

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