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Performance And Efficiency

Performance And Efficiency

The primary purpose of any vessel is to trade efficiently, safely and maximise its commercial return. Since the company’s inception, Brookes Bell Safety at Sea has offered innovative solutions to improve vessel performance and efficiency, often as part of its consulting on safety related projects.

We were one of the first commercial firms to offer hull design using Computational Fluid Dynamics, an area of Naval Architecture that we continue to be at the forefront of. The first projects we completed were on the design of ducktails and sponsons for stability upgrade work combined with bulbous bow design. Often improvements in fuel efficiency were achieved along with increases in deadweight/displacement.

Our experts have a huge amount of experience in the area of passenger comfort for wind and funnel odours. Again we were early pioneers of the use of CFD for this service and built up large amount of expertise using this tool to develop novel solutions, most notably on RCCL’s Oasis of the Seas. As the use of CFD for passenger comfort has become more wide spread, our experts advise and assist owners, yards and consultancies in the application of this technology.

Today the company is continues to develop services in energy efficiency using Dynamic Energy modelling as part of an integrated design support service considering system redundancy and performance.