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Software Products

Software Products

Since its inception in 1999 as a Spin-out company from Strathclyde University, Brookes Bell Safety at Sea has seen its role as bridging the gap between research and industry best practice. It has performed much of this role through its development and promotion of software solutions.

Through its involvement with applied research, cutting edge consultancy services and the practical operation of vessel, Brookes Bell Safety at Sea has been able to develop a number of software tools that focus on safe and efficient shipping. As well as offering "off-the-shelf" software such as Evi and SAM, the company offers bespoke software development for meeting the specific requirements.

Onboard Crew Advisory System


Assisting Owners and Operators of passenger ships to maintain and demonstrate compliance with SOLAS Safe Return to Port requirements during ship operations.

EVI - Escape & Evacuation Analysis

EVI is a pedestrian dynamics simulation tool that was conceived in partnership with the University of Strathclyde in 2001. Since 2002, Safety at Sea has developed, implemented and maintained the tool to address a plethora of commercial applications, including Alternative Design and Arrangements.

BBSAM - Systems Analysis Modeller

In anticipation of the adoption of the SRtP regulations, in 2009, Brookes Bell Safety at Sea Ltd started the development of a software tool to carry out analysis of residual systems availability after flooding or fire damage. The software has been developed in-house and in collaboration with major ship yards and design offices.

Custom-built Software

Brookes Bell Safety at Sea has a proven track record of problem solving, providing practical solutions. These are often an analysis, a work procedure or a design, but sometimes a tailored piece of software which answers a specific need from one of our clients.


In providing software services of this type, the company draws upon components written for its own software products and its diverse staff of engineers, programmers and mathemeticians well used to solving challenging issues. We provide the perfect blend between engineering know-how and software design.

We can provide our services as a fixed sum, an hourly rate or as licences depending on the needs of the project, the client and whether the development are in line with our own.