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Systema™ is a software product designed specifically to support passenger vessel designers and shipyards in analysing the redundancy of their ship systems against the Safe Return to Port provisions and the corresponding IMO guidelines. It is a proven product which has been used on at least 18 cruise vessel designs to date.

The software provides an alternative, improved, methodology to paper-based Failure Mode and Effect Analysis approach and provides its users with a more detailed analysis and more accurate and repeatable results, increasing the confidence in the level of compliance of the design by a significant margin.

"Traditionally SRtP assessments have been delivered by carrying out desktop studies also known as Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) supported by macro-based spreadsheets. However, this can not only be time consuming but also prone to inaccuracies. In addition, with the size of ships and complexity, cruise liners, getting ever larger it is getting increasingly difficult indeed impossible to carry out effective desktop studies" Erik Werner, Global Maritime.

SRtP Onboard™ – Advanced operational logistic support tool

SRtP Onboard™ is a proven onboard management software tool facilitating the management of the crew’s response to an SRtP casualty or drill as per the requirements of IMO regulations.

Considering the size and complexity of passenger vessels, the logistical task of dealing with an SRtP casualty during operation is not to be undervalued. SRtP Onboard™ supports the crew by providing accurate action information, including locations, detailed descriptions and supporting information. Continuous improvement is at the core of the software as the database can be updated after every drill, further increasing the efficiency of future drills and minimising the required pre-knowledge of the crew.

EVI™ - Advanced Pedestrian Dynamics tool

EVI™ is a multi-agent ship and port terminal evacuation analysis tool in use since the first interim guidelines were published by the IMO in 2002 and is designed to support shipyards and ship designers in assessing vessel designs against the latest regulations. EVI™ conforms to the definition of advanced evacuation analysis in accordance with the IMO Guidelines for passenger ships (MSC\Circ.1533) and the provisions of SOLAS Chapter II-2 Regulation 13-7.4 (evacuation analysis).

The software has been used on over 40 vessel designs to demonstrate compliance with IMO requirements, in support of design iterations and fire risk assessment of internal ship layouts and to validate passenger ships’ turnaround time in newly developed terminal buildings.


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