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Safety at Sea

Safety at Sea

Safety at Sea Ltd brings together specialists in seakeeping, manoeuvring, stability, hydrodynamics, fire protection, evacuation as well as safety engineering and risk analysis. The company’s scientific approach used for solving practical problems allows us to provide customers with cost effective solutions that fulfil their highest expectations.

Serving clients across the marine and offshore industries we undertake a variety of work; from feasibility and concept design to risk assessment of marine operations. We work for designers, builders as well as owners/operators in advisory, supporting or project leading roles.

  • Ship stability
  • Design support (naval architecture and engineering analysis)
  • Safety engineering and risk assessment
  • Safety studies
  • Software

Safety at Sea also provides independent, high-quality technical advice to customers involved in disputes and/or litigation involving rule compliance, ship collisions, grounding, fire and structural failures.

Safety at Sea has also advised on and carried out studies for clients in various aspects of port design and operations. This activity has previously been delivered independently and in close cooperation with external experts. The combined capabilities of our mariners and naval architects can be tailored to cover most aspects of port design and operations.

Ship Stability Services

  • Intact and damage stability analysis including probabilistic rules (SOLAS 2009)
  • On-board stability documentation
  • Stockholm Agreement compliance including model tests supervision
  • Stability verification for conversions / upgrades (e.g. scrubber installation, draught increases, etc.)
  • Risk assessment of watertight doors / door exemption calculations as per MSC\Circ.1380
  • Flooding survivability analysis by simulation
  • Inclining experiments

Ship Design Support Services

  • Seakeeping: frequency and time-domain analysis of ship motions; comfort, slamming, cargo shifting, tank sloshing, roll stabilisation, deck wetness and green seas
  • Hull resistance analysis and optimisation (Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD)
  • Bulbous bow, ducktail design
  • Smoke analysis and funnel design optimisation
  • Ship handling and manoeuvring: IMO manoeuvres
  • Safe Return to Port: Ship systems redundancy verification (SOLAS Ch.II-2 Regs. 21, 22, overall, detailed analysis and FMECA)
  • Dimensioning of escape routes and development of escape plans in accordance with Ch.13 of the Fire Safety Systems (FSS) Code
  • Alternative design & arrangements and accordance with SOLAS Ch. II-2 Reg.17.
  • Advanced evacuation analysis as per MSC\Circ.1238 (passenger ships)
  • Development of muster list as per SOLAS Ch. III Regs.8 and 37
  • Structural strength calculations using a range of commercial FEM packages and in-house programs for global and local analysis. Fatigue and fracture analysis, non-linear buckling, Ultimate Strength calculations and vibration analysis.

Safety Engineering and Risk Assessment

  • Hazard identification (HAZID, SWIFT)
  • Risk register, PHA
  • Risk analysis and QRA
  • Risk assessments
  • ALARP verification
  • Design risk assessment (In accordance with HSE, Safety Case Regulations, PFEER, NMA, NOPSEMA)
  • Safety Case (UK Safe Case Regulations)
  • Formal Safety Assessment, according to IMO guidelines.

Safety Studies and Risk Assessment

  • Fire and explosion risk assessment (FERA)
  • Fire engineering analysis: fire and smoke vs escape and egress
  • Escape, evacuation, and rescue (EERA)
  • Failure mode effect analysis (FMEA) for essential operating systems and ship emergency safety systems
  • Helicopter landing operability analysis (CFD analysis)
  • Dropped objects risk assessment (DROPS)


The company possesses advanced engineering analysis capabilities utilising both commercially available and unique, in-house software tools under continuous development.

Additionally, we also offer clients solutions for bespoke software applications.

In-house software tools available for consultancy:

  • PROTEUS 3 - Seakeeping, damaged ship survivability, flooding simulations, impact of watertight doors, casualty investigation.
  • EVI - Advanced evacuation analysis, MSC\Circ.1238, escape evacuation and rescue assessment, EERA (Available for commercial purchase)
  • ISYS - Systems operability analysis tool developed to verify compliance with 'Safe Return to Port' requirements, SOLAS II-2. Failure Mode Effect Analysis (Available for commercial purchase)