Marcelo Rodrigues

Marcelo Rodrigues

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Marcelo Rodrigues


based in Liverpool

Direct Tel: +44 7770440344
Office Tel: +44 151 236 0083
Qualifications: BSc, PhD, MRSB, MIMarEST


Marcelo has a PhD in Biological Sciences and five years post-doctoral experience between Spain, France, USA, Austria, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Prior to joining Brookes Bell, he carried out academic research as Senior Research Fellow for 10 years on multi-disciplinary marine science, molecular biology and bio-chemistry projects. Marcelo completed three research cruises on-board the oceanographic research vessels ‘Sarmiento de Gamboa’ and ‘Hesperides’. His research focused on the formulation of new adhesives for underwater applications via the characterisation of adhesives encountered in nature and has used a wide range of molecular biology, proteomics, immunochemistry and bioinformatics techniques.

Marcelo advises on the ocean carriage and storage of a wide variety of commodities and carries out survey investigations of cargo damage in bulk, bagged and containerised cargoes. Marcelo has expert knowledge in marine biology and ballast water management systems and has worked extensively on bioadhesion of hull fouling organisms.

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