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Mark Keenor

Mark Keenor

Mark Keenor

Partner, Master Mariner

based in London

Direct Tel: +44 7770 440343
Office Tel: +44 208 300 0190
Email: mark.keenor@brookesbell.com
Qualifications: MNI, MRIN, Extra Master


About Mark

Mark Keenor has an Extra Master Mariner's Certificate, his being one of the last issued. Having worked briefly in Hong Kong as a marine surveyor and consultant, he joined Brookes Bell in 1992, and has been a partner since 1997.

Before becoming a marine surveyor, Mark Keenor was at sea over a fifteen-year period, serving in general cargo vessels, container ships, bulk carriers, OBOs, ro-ros and crude oil and products tankers in most areas of the world, ranging from tropical waters to high latitude ice areas. As chief officer on tankers, he was directly involved with the implementation of, and improving, IG and COW systems. Latterly, he served as Master of the Hong Kong sail training vessel, JI FUNG.

World-wide Surveying Experience
  • Damage to and/or loss involving:
    • Break-bulk cargoes.
    • Chilled and frozen goods including meat, vegetables, fish and dairy products.
    • Containers.
    • Dry bulk cargoes including grains, seeds and feedstuffs.
    • Hazardous goods.
    • Heavy-lift shipments.
    • Liquid bulk including hydrocarbon oils, vegetable oils and chemicals.
    • Minerals in bulk.
    • Neo-bulk cargoes, including sugar, newsprint, pulp and steel.
    • Scrap metal in bulk.
    • Steel, unfinished, finished and structural.
    • Timber and forest products in packaged and lumber form.
  • Collisions between ships and with shore and offshore structures.
  • Condition surveys.
  • Container securing system failures.
  • Groundings in both offshore and pilotage waters.
  • Hull structural surveys afloat and in drydock, following collisions and grounding.
  • Lashing and securing of cargo.
  • Personal injury.
  • Casualties involving fishing vessels.
  • Pre-loading condition of cargo.
  • Pre-purchase surveys.
  • Safe port/berth investigations in numerous areas of the world including South America, West Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Ice navigation and related damage to vessels.
  • Salvage operations and investigations.
  • Hold cleaning disputes.
  • Speed and consumption performance disputes.
  • Stability considerations.
  • Structural damage to vessels.
  • Timber deck cargo stowage securing system failures.
  • Total losses.
  • Underwater search, sonar and camera operations.

During his time as a surveyor, he has worked on various ship types, including:

  • General cargo vessels
  • Bulk and combo-carriers
  • OBOs
  • Container ships
  • Ro-ro vessels
  • Passenger ships
  • Heavy-lift vessels
  • Clean and dirty oil tankers.

He has prepared technical reports for, and has given expert witness and witness of fact testimony at arbitrations and court cases in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and the United States.

  • Extra Master Certificate of Competency, 1992 (Dual).
Membership of Professional Bodies
  • Member of the Nautical Institute.
  • Member of the Royal Institute of Navigation.
  • Member of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners.

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