Nicholas Crouch

Nicholas Crouch

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Nicholas Crouch

Principal Scientist

based in Shanghai

Direct Tel: +86 1368 1991503
Office Tel: +86 21 58602868
Qualifications: BSc (Hons), M.A., D.Phil, C. Chem, MRSC, MemASABE


About Nicholas

Nicholas joined Brookes Bell in 1999 as a scientific consultant and became a partner in 2004.

Nicholas was formerly a Fellow of Oriel College and is a member of Congregation of the University of Oxford. During his employment at Oxford he was involved as an expert witness in several multi-billion dollar patent lawsuits in the USA.

  • Nicholas' main area of expertise lies in the field of chemicals as well as in agricultural commodities.
  • He has provided extensive advice to members in the marine shipping community on the safe carriage of chemical and agricultural commodities.
  • He has been extensively involved with liquefaction issues concerning many Group A cargoes but especially iron ore fines, nickel laterites, bauxite and coal and has conducted many major investigations overseas.
  • He has conducted major investigations overseas into incidences of cargo damage arising from transportation and from inherent vice.
  • He has conducted documentary investigations in connection with legal work.
  • From his academic and research career he has a comprehensive understanding and 'hands-on' experience of modern analytical techniques and procedures.
  • His interests are concerned with the carriage of chemicals, agricultural products such as grain, seed cake, vegetable oils, fruit and vegetables, fertilisers, minerals, metal ores and products derived from them.
  • He has a keen interest in fire investigations relating to chemicals as well as various other cargoes.
  • He has provided advice and been involved in numerous attendances relating to self-heating coal shipments being loaded in Columbia and Indonesia and during discharge in India, Malaysia and China.
  • He has acted in numerous arbitrations and mediations concerning marine cargo claims both in the UK and abroad, such as the USA, Hong Kong and Turkey.
Scientific and Consultancy Experience
  • Expert witness in various pharmaceutical patent disputes in the USA and Germany. This has involved arbitration testimony, both as an expert and a witness of fact at the US International Trade Centre and various depositions and appearances in US Federal Courts.
  • Subjects include: chemicals, including fine chemicals, acids and bases, fats and oils etc.; chemical & cargo fire investigation, in seedcakes, coal, maize, wheat bran, malt barley, etc.; coal cargoes, including self-heating and fires; infestation problems; fertilisers, including urea, NPK, ammonium nitrate, diammonium phosphate, monoammonium phosphate potash, etc.; minerals, including Gabbro aggregates, nickel laterites; cement and cement clinker; metal ores and metal ore concentrates; including nickel, copper, lead, titanium dioxide and zinc concentrates; sulphur; including sulphur corrosion cases and alleged damage to sulphur cargoes; fruit; including bananas, melons, apples, pineapples, plumcots, and grapes; grain, including wheat, maize, soy bean, and rice; cotton; oil bearing seeds such as sunflower seeds, soy bean, oil seed rape and other pulses; seed cakes, including soybean meal, rapeseed meal, wheat bran pellets (pollard pellets) and palm kernel expellers; animal feed-stuffs, such as wheat bran pellets, sorghum, soya bean meal and alf alfa.
  • Surveys include: copper ore concentrates (Bulgaria); coal contamination to titanium slag (France); coal self-heating, fire and water damage; wet sulphur corrosion (China); wheat contamination to ammonium nitrate (UK); water damage to cargo of urea (UK); damage to wheat bran pellets (Tunisia); damage to cargo of soya beans (China); rust scale contamination of soya bean meal (Japan); insect infestation to cargo of wheat (Syria); water damage to maize (Syria); fumigant explosions (Abu Dhabi, Mozambique, Kenya & South Korea); ergot contamination of wheat (Iraq); urea contamination of wheat (Iraq); fire in maize and wheat bran (Argentina); fire in maize (Senegal); liquefaction of nickel laterite cargoes (Indonesia & Philippines); water damage to apples, grapes, plumcots, apricots, plums & nectarines (UK); hydrocarbon contamination of cocoa butter (UK & USA); water damage to maize (Jordan, Algeria, Turkey, Spain and China); water damage to rice (Egypt, Thailand & Liberia); loading dispute concerning maize grade (China); fungicide contamination to soybeans (China); fire in palm kernel expellers (Malaysia); damage to cargo of bananas (Turkey); fire in rapeseed meal (South Korea); liquefaction of iron ore fines (India); water (cargo sweat) damage to rice (Liberia); water damage to cargo of cocoa beans (Turkey); adulteration of olive oil (Turkey); soot damage to cars (Thailand & Indonesia); liquefaction of bauxite cargoes (Indonesia & China); self-heating coal cargoes (Indonesia, Columbia, Malaysia, India & China); liquefaction of coal cargoes (Indonesia & South Korea).
  • Opinion work includes: water damage to milling wheat; outturn deterioration to cargoes of grapes; contamination to cellulose; water damage to cargoes of maize & rice; sulphur corrosion damage; physical & environmental impact of cargo of Styrene and other chemicals; deterioration to cargo of apples; water damage to sunflower meal pellets; safe carriage of wide range of chemical commodities; damage to ship's equipment due to dust from aggregates; contamination to cargo of PVC; fuel oil contamination to frozen tuna; water damage to cargo of vegetable oil; nickel laterite carriage and liquefaction; iron ore fines liquefaction.
  • B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry, King's College, University of London.
  • M.A. University of Oxford.
  • D.Phil. in Organic Chemistry, St. John's College, University of Oxford.
Membership of Professional Bodies
  • Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (CChem MRSC).
  • Member of American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (Mem. ASABE).
Scientific Publications

Published over thirty-seven scientific papers in Chemistry/Biochemistry.

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