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Penelope Cooke

Penelope Cooke

Penelope Cooke

Associate, Consulting Scientist

based in Liverpool

Direct Tel: +44 7818 597712
Office Tel: +44 151 236 0083
Email: penelope.cooke@brookesbell.com
Qualifications: BSc, MSc(Hons), PhD, Post Graduate Diploma (For.Arch.)


Dr. Penelope Cooke is a scientist with a background in both Earth Sciences and Biological Sciences in her BSc and MSc (Hons) and a PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

She also has a Postgraduate Diploma in Forensic Archaeology & International Crime Scene Investigations from Bournemouth University in the UK. Prior to joining Brookes Bell in early 2011, she carried out research on marine sediments, carbonate systems and climate change, minerals and the forensic recovery of items in adverse conditions, with ocean-going experience on research vessels where she was part of several teams collecting marine data and sediment cores in the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean. Penny has extensive practical survey experience with bulk cargoes, in particular relating to the loading and discharge of mineral ore cargoes subject to liquefaction, sampling and laboratory testing of such cargoes, as well as survey investigations of cargo damage and infestations in bulk grain shipments and container commodities. She also advises on the scientific and technical aspects of dangerous goods declarations.

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