Fire and Explosion Investigation

Fire and Explosion Investigation

Fire Response and Investigation

Often, fires and explosions occur extremely rapidly during the same chaotic event – with fires causing explosions and vice versa. Dealing with these events can be complex and challenging. When the initial event has been successfully resolved, it is essential to determine at an early stage the chronology of events to set the investigation on the right path from the start. Conversely, any failure to do so can be difficult or even impossible to recover from later in the investigation. Dealing with these events and the subsequent investigation requires a rapid initial response by properly equipped, trained and experienced experts with a keen eye for detail right from the start.

Our strength lies in our meticulous forensic approach, combined with the ability to instantly call upon the diverse and in-depth experience and expertise of our colleagues.

Collectively our teams offer an incredibly high standard of response, evidence identification, collection, preservation, continuity and interpretation, based on a fundamental knowledge of mechanics, the chemistry and physics of fires and explosions, coupled with forensic best-practice.

Once an incident is under control, our investigators will embark on a meticulous investigation, to ensure the requirements of the client are satisfied. Evidence is gathered from many sources including from the scene itself, as well as from documentation and relevant external or third-party sources.

Our response to these events and the subsequent investigation follows a cyclical pattern, continues iteratively until the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of our clients.


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