Fuel and Liquid Cargo

Fuel and Liquid Cargo

Fuel and Liquid Cargo Services

We have a broad range of expertise which can be called upon in connection with the investigation and handling of bunker claims and associated engine damage disputes.

Our Marine Engineers have first-hand experience in investigating ship-board engine operating difficulties and fuel handling issues which may be linked to fuel and/or lubricant quality and can provide opinion on causation and guidance on mitigation issues.

This type of claim will often involve our highly experienced in-house Tanker Masters and Chemists working as a team, looking at the contamination claim from their different perspectives. We can attend in instances where contamination has been identified before operations are completed, working in close cooperation with local cargo inspectors, we ensure evidence is preserved and the provenance of existing samples is properly maintained and recorded.

Our Chemists arrange and attend the analysis of samples at laboratories all over the world and will help design the relevant testing regime to trace the nature, extent and cause of contamination and to ensure the continued provenance of the samples and results throughout. Working together a multi-disciplinary team, our Mariners and Chemists form opinions based on the test results and will write expert advice and reports on the likely cause of the contamination.

As well as testing, our in-house specialists have extensive experience of cargo tank condition and suitability issues. Disputes often arise from the cleanliness, condition or suitability of the tank coatings in respect of different cargoes. The issues involved can be extremely complex and may require the synergy of the combined experience of our mariners, chemists and material scientists.

Our experts carry out tank coating inspections and examine the cargo, coating repair and inspection histories. They can advise on remedial action, including further preparation or coating, as necessary.


David Edwards Principal Fuel Chemist
+44 7720 346 126 david.edwards@apclimited.co.uk
Mike Liu Fuel Chemist
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David Moore Managing Fuel Chemist
+44 7515 597852 david.moore@brookesbell.com
Chris Fisher Consultant Fuel Specialist, Marine Engineer
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Alan Smaridge Consultant Fuel Chemist
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