Ports and Terminals

Ports and Terminals

Ports and Terminals

Port Survey Expertise and Consultancy

Brookes Bell investigate, survey, troubleshoot and advise on a range of disciplines on land and in marine environments. A Port Survey Consultant will be at the forefront of marine civil engineering claims associated with Fixed Object Damage (FOD) and can be on-hand to support claims anywhere in the world, when and where they are needed.

The scope of our work in both ports and marine terminals incorporates:

  • Initial site investigation
  • Desktop studies
  • Advice on repair solutions and costs
  • Organising and monitoring of repair contracts
  • Manoeuvring and ship handling issues
  • Settlement of claims
  • Reviewing consequential business interruption loss claims
  • Sourcing of replacement cargo handling systems
  • Expert witness and dispute resolution support services

Fixed Object Damage (FOD)

Typical Fixed Object Damage (FOD) incidents investigated include damage to the following:

  • Jetties, quays and breakwaters
  • Berthing, mooring and turning dolphins
  • Fendering and mooring systems
  • Bulk ship loaders, container cranes and quayside cranes
  • Liquid loading arms and flexible hoses
  • Jetty pipelines, manifolds and valves
  • Access channels, turning basins, navigation beacons and buoys
  • Subsea pipelines and cables
  • Offshore oil and gas platforms
  • Single and conventional buoy moorings (SBM’s & CBM’s)

Without the highest standards of investigation, all those with an interest in an incident could risk serious financial and legal disadvantages. Our reputation and proven track record of technical performance and output is second to none.


Dominic Bell Master Mariner
+44 7879 425024 dominic.bell@brookesbell.com
Roger Daniells Managing Master Mariner
+44 7818 597632 roger.daniells@brookesbell.com
Richard Gains Director of Nautical Asia
Hong Kong
+852 9031 5617 richard.gains@brookesbell.com
Neil Gardiner Managing Master Mariner
+44 7867 355 603 neil.gardiner@brookesbell.com
Nick Haslam Principal Master Mariner
+44 7471 994 468 nick.haslam@brookesbell.com
Graham Hill Senior Master Mariner
Hong Kong
+852 9036 5586 graham.hill@brookesbell.com
Daniel Millett Senior Master Mariner
+44 7867 355 623 daniel.millett@brookesbell.com
Michael Riddell Senior Master Mariner
+65 9823 5717 michael.riddell@brookesbell.com
Alistair Roaf Senior Master Mariner
+44 7770 440 331 alistair.roaf@brookesbell.com
Adrian Scales Director of Nautical UK
+44 7725 453194 adrian.scales@brookesbell.com
Ivan Todorov Senior Master Mariner
+65 9171 5531 ivan.todorov@brookesbell.com
Donald Ross Consultant Civil Engineer
+44 7867 355 625 donald.ross@brookesbell.com
David Anderson Consultant Master Mariner
+44 7770 440338 david.anderson@brookesbell.com
Graeme Bowles Consultant Master Mariner
+44 7836 658908 graeme.bowles@brookesbell.com
Mark Keenor Consultant Master Mariner
+44 7770 440343 mark.keenor@brookesbell.com